Vision-Mission Journey

Is this you? 

“I have a team of amazing people.  They are my colleagues, teammates, employees and volunteers.  I’m determined. I’m focused.  Everyone likes me.  Everyone loves their jobs (I think).  We’re really rockin’ & rollin’ (as far as I can tell).  We’re changing the world (well, maybe we’re changing something).  We know who we are and what we do (at least I feel like I know, maybe others aren’t sure).  We have a lot of meetings and deal with things as they come up (work does seem a little repetitive and unimportant at times).  Maybe we need something MORE?  What is that something?”

Sound Familiar?  You’re not alone.  Not a week goes by in my work around Central PA that someone doesn’t say “Organizations around here are struggling to find purpose, a true VISION and a MISSION to follow.”  I don’t think this challenge is isolated to Central PA.  And, I know this is not isolated to entire organizations.  Teams and divisions are eager to learn how they can be VISION-MISSION capable.

I like transparency and simplicity.  If you, your organization or team wants to be VISION-MISSION capable, start the Vision-Mission Journey for your organization.

Vision-Mission Journey – $4000.00
Four, three-hour sessions over four consecutive weeks on location at your place of operations.  (Travel fees additional if required)

What will you encounter on the journey?

  • Planning Session:  We’ll discuss the overall process and responsibilities of your team (we’ll even help you identify who should be on your team).  We’ll also talk about branding your effort to enable you to share your work across your community including assigning a few roles such as social media authors and photographers (you will want to share your journey story).
  • Workshops:  We start with a foundation in thinking (learning how we think ensures we learn how to work together as SYSTEMS THINKERS).  Then, we begin discussions on Vision-Mission, Systems Thinking and Organizational Culture and dive into activities to get you and your team started on crafting an incredible Vision-Mission.
  • Collaboration:  The team will be provided activities to complete prior to subsequent sessions.  Throughout, collaboration and connection to each other is prioritized.
  • Community:  We’ll finish by crafting your organizational commitment letter (for others to sign, symbolizing their commitment to the VISION-MISSION) and planning your roll-out sequence of events.


  • A team that knows themselves better, strengthened relationship to one another and the organization
  • A  team that is Vision-Focused, Mission-Driven
  • A shared perspective on WHY your organization exists
  • An inspiring VISION-MISSION that guides your every decision
  • A deeper connection to those you serve
  • Less elephants in the room
  • Less emotional, reactionary approaches to work
  • Less doubt about purpose
  • Less fear about the future
  • A stronger idea-based culture
  • A commitment to building capacities

Sound exciting?  Contact me today to schedule a free “THINK’ID8” session and get started on your VISION-MISSION Journey.