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The THINK’ID8 CO.LAB is a training and development program for company and organizational thought leaders and managers provided in partnership with local economic and community development organizations.  The CO.LAB (as in collaborate, co-design, cooperative) is dedicated to providing relevant, powerful professional development.  Topics will center around organizational and thought leadership skills development and practices.  Being an organizational leader and entrepreneur can be lonely.  The CO.LAB is a place to meet others just like yourself and learn in a COLLABORATIVE, non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere.  The learning will be deep, not wide, so participants should be prepared to dive into issues and stay with them.

Available training titles:
THINK’ID8 CO.LAB 101, Hands-On, Minds-On Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?  As thought leaders in our organizations, we are challenged every day to identify problems, either with existing products or services or those leading toward new opportunities, and lead our organizations toward solutions.  How do we do that work?  Are we disciplined and follow a method with a proven track record of success? Or, do we just try to “brainstorm” a solution by ourselves because that’s our job?

Design Thinking:  A method for team and organizational thinking about a problem and creatively designing human-centered solutions. 

THINK’ID8 CO.LAB 101, Hands-On, Minds-On Design Thinking, is a full day (9am-3pm) session.  During the session, participants learn how they think and to use a Design Thinking process to solve problems and build viable solutions.

2019 Event Listing:

Our 2019 calendar is under development.  If you are interested in a CO.LAB event, please contact me.

Check back soon.  No events at this time

If you represent an organization and would like to arrange a custom session for your staff, please contact me.

*These events are designed for companies and service organizations.  If you are from a K-12 private, public or charter school, contact me for special event planning.

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