Go Ahead…give away your processes.

That's right, give away your processes. But, they are my bread and butter you say.  No, they're not.  I'm 26 years into my professional life as an educator, musician, trainer, instructional designer, project manager, entrepreneur, company leader and organizational developer and if I have learned anything, it is that you CAN and should give away … Continue reading Go Ahead…give away your processes.

Project Management Isn’t About Tasks, It’s About Relationships

Crack open the PMBOK, the Project Management Book of Knowledge, and you'll learn a TON about Inputs and Outputs.  You'll learn about creating value for your stakeholders, with differing needs and priorities.  And you'll learn about process.  The process of Project Management (PM) often attracts people and more so organizations to the field of study.  … Continue reading Project Management Isn’t About Tasks, It’s About Relationships

Big Ideas, Micro-Learning

Supporting K-12 means my summers are busy. As schools and support organizations prepare for the upcoming academic year, they look to capture BIG ideas to share with staff, students and the community when they return.  The BIG ideas form frameworks for greater organizational goals.  Performance goals, cultural shifts, community building, Vision-Mission work, are great examples … Continue reading Big Ideas, Micro-Learning

Project Management: A New K-12 Core Subject

By Mark T. Burke Project Based Learning (PBL), Graduation Projects, team, short and long-term projects, these are all common educational frameworks in our K-12 schools.  I call them frameworks because they are more than "assignment types."  Yes, students are assigned projects.  But, those projects are not isolated activities.  They are connected (or should be) to … Continue reading Project Management: A New K-12 Core Subject