Doers Unite…and Change!

By Mark T. Burke Monday morning. You go to your place of work.  You prep for the day.  You casually meet your fellow co-workers as they do the same.  How are you thinking about your day?  About your week?  Do you start to think about all the "things" you have to do?  File this. Submit … Continue reading Doers Unite…and Change!

Manifest Your Manifesto

By Mark T Burke Highly successful people have a clear compass that guides them forward.  That compass is not only clear to them, but clear to others.  It is visible, tangible, in sight at all times. Their beliefs and what they do each day, each minute, is manifest in a way that showcases the path … Continue reading Manifest Your Manifesto

Instructional Design Model vs. Instructional Model

By Mark T Burke Over the past 20 years, I've consistently asked curriculum providers to share their Instructional Models.  With few exceptions, I get asked to clarify what I'm asking for.  Often an immediate response is "We use ADDIE" or some other in-house instructional design model.  It could be that knowing I have an instructional … Continue reading Instructional Design Model vs. Instructional Model

Instructional Design and Vision, IMPACT Zone!

By Mark T. Burke When two objects collide, they change.  Everything about them changes.  Their physical shape, their color, their weight, even their atomic structure, the fundamental makeup of the objects can change.  The space between them changes.  The surrounding environment changes.  In many cases, new pathways are created through existing barriers.  The energy given … Continue reading Instructional Design and Vision, IMPACT Zone!

Five Components of A Vision-based Work Culture

2017 has brought a new vision for THINK'ID8.  It's fitting that the first post on the new site focuses on vision and how vision impacts work culture.  Crafting a vision for your organization is hard work, and it should be.  After all, vision is what defines your organization.  Vision establishes a picture for your organization … Continue reading Five Components of A Vision-based Work Culture